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Insurance risk and travel pitfalls

With the summer holidays over and winter looming ahead, it is tempting to book an autumn break abroad for those last rays of sun or even organise the adventure holiday to take your mind of work for a moment.

However Insurance Times alerted readers this week to the surprising fact that 80% of those booking holidays don't check their insurance cover and with a proportion of those taking part in adventurous sports such as jet-skiing and ski-diving - that's worrying!

As the article warns, medical bills abroad can be expensive and the number of travellers visiting a hospital (1 in 4) is surprisingly high.

One might understand that being intoxicated would invalidate a claim, but also visiting places against the advice of the Foreign Office is a risk for insurance cover.

At the Behavioural Economics Forum we are beginning a series of interviews and talks on insurance risk, sport and holidays. Watch out for forthcoming posts.

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