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EY and Coventry University on cyber security and the Chief Risk Officer

The complexity of outlining a risk plan for cyber security has been discussed by EY and Coventry University with our business organisations safety in mind.

We are sharing the video above on the day that a new college at Bletchley Park to train workers to deal with cyber attacks has been announced.

Steve Holt, Partner in the Financial Services Advisory team at EY, says that company boards and the Chief Risk Officer need to understand what is meant by cyber security and then have a clear plan to protect data. He warns that regulators believe that boards are not fully informed and need to know how to take action when their organisations come under attack.

Coventry University's Reader in Cyber Security, Dr Siraj Ahmed Shaikh, feels that IP is often not shared across complex organisations so employees do not fully understand products and services. This in turn means that the need to protect against cyber attacks is also not properly perceived. Corporate culture and cyber hygiene need closer attention, he states, in order to be ready with the right security in place.

Today it was announced through news outlets that despite the growing number of cyber attacks, the UK has concerns about the lack of a skilled workforce to cope in this area.

There are now plans for a National College of Cyber Security to open in 2018 for 16 to 19 year olds. it is to be built at Bletchley Park, site of the World War Two secret codes deciphering centre.

The BBC reported former Home Secretary Lord Reid saying that it has become vital to build up the 'talent pool' for cyber defence.

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