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Funding the high street revival

The autumn budget is nearly upon us (October 29) and will there be mention of funding to prop up the UK's failing high street?

Coast is the latest casualty, going into administration. The GLA spent £9 million on boosting the high street back in 2015, but it seems that new measures are still needed in what some would describe as a worsening situation.

We held a forum in White City, London to discuss the necessary measures for revitalising the high street to set in motion an upward trend for this very important part of the UK economy.

Panellist Helen Rainsford, Senior Director at Aviva Investors, and an expert on shopping centre investment, said that redevelopments whether out of town or in city centres, work best around good transport hubs, with a sustainable all-day function.

Aviva is investing currently to upgrade retail parks along the Old Kent Road in South London where the GLA has taken a particular interest in measures to revitalise the area.

Market Director at SNC-Lavalin Atkins' Business, Liam Harrison, drew attention to the importance of place-making strategies around rail stations to help with the vibrancy of local high streets. With density and footfall in mind, Liam said there was a huge opportunity to focus on regeneration around stations. Please watch his clip below:

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