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New approaches to change programmes

Headlines during the Covid-19 outbreak have included 'the week the world changed' and many articles on safe-guarding mental health. Can the current pandemic and how people react to change, have any relation to issues in the workplace with regard to improving employees' understanding of change programmes?

In the workplace, whether change is viewed from a crisis perspective or as an opportunity, depends on the individual but also on an organisation's communication. Change programmes within companies can be viewed as a threat by some, as the mental construct that the employee has built up during their working life, comes tumbling down.

It therefore pays as leadership directors to approach any change programme with care and reversing the leadership communication hierarchy can help.

If employees are consulted and are treated as message decision makers - with findings included in any change programme directive - adopting a cultural change programme can be introduced, delivered and successfully implemented without full scale resistance.

No change programme is easy to roll out, but empowering employees to 'take charge' of personal change, leads to a more united future.

Heather Fearfield is a high-level performance coach working in the areas of business, education and health.

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